3 highlights of the Branded Content Event 2018


3 highlights of the Branded Content Event 2018


How do you really tell a good story? Why are we satisfied with mainstream nowadays? And more importantly: how do you become “exceptional”? We went looking for answers during Branded Content Event 2018. And they found! Read in this blog the 5 highlights that you do not want to miss.

Branding and Content – a match made in heaven

With the words branding and content, the heart of a content specialist is faster. That is why our content consultants Ben and Piet went into the De Fabrique inspiring environment for the Branded Content Event 2018 for a day. The result? A well-filled backpack with inspiration for new content initiatives!

Below are the three highlights that we do not want to remember.

1. With mainstream you will not make it

Sounds logical, yet much of the content produced does not exceed this level. A missed opportunity and often a dead-doer. To quote Jay Acunzo: “Our brain seems broken”. We produce it, but forget the quality. Because how valuable are best practices when everybody follows them? It pays a lot more to choose your own path.

A nice case he cited was Death Wish Coffee. A rebel in the coffee world that managed to get rid of a literally and figuratively lost business to a worldwide line of loud coffee. How? By listening to his customers who each time asked for ‘the strongest cup of coffee he had’ and against the best practices. Because that robust coffee bean that really was not suitable to base a coffee line? Precisely, that is the basis for success.

And the surf? The following commercial (broadcast during the Superbowl!) Says everything:

The learning:

To dedicate, research and discover yourself and make decisions based on that. Do not forget the context of the situation of your target group. In addition, you must answer three questions:

  • Discover what your ‘unfair advantage’ is. Where do you make the difference compared to your competitors?
  • Research what your customers really want and use these insights. If possible, focus on the emotional side to convince your customer
  • How can you convert the limitations of your ambition into strengths? With creative solutions you often come a long way and think faster off the beaten track

Time to be ‘exceptional’!

2. From identity to strong story

Here you build the story from the following elements:

  • The hero: your organization as a hero. It is essential that you choose an archetype that fits your company and vision. Well-known archetypes are, for example, the discoverer, health care provider and the rebel. People associate themselves with these archetypes, so the better this connects, the greater the chance that someone will join your story
  • The goal: determine an inspiring goal / inspiring ambition that you strive for with your organization
  • Means: the means with which you will make your vision and ambitions come true
  • The adversary: ​​the conflict that stands between you and the goal and prevents you from achieving that goal. This could for example be a competitor, a skewed social ideal, but also a sacred house within an industry against which you sell

If you have this in the picture, you know what your conflict is and the game can start. Well-known examples of companies with a strong story are, for example, Tesla and the eternal rivals Coca Cola and Pepsi.

The learning:

Honest is fair, not every company has an interesting story to tell. But do you have that? Then the fire conflict model helps to shape this and you have something beautiful in your hands. Naturally, the resulting content must fit in with this story and subtly convey it. Without utterances, your story is finally unknown. And then unknown makes unloved, which completes the circle.

Consistency and strong content are central here. Consistent because it must be recognizable. You want people to recognize your company. Think of Coolblue with its strong visual and textual house style.

And strong content? That speaks for itself. To quote Jay Acunzo one more time: be exceptional. Look at the characteristics of your target group. Where are these active and which content types are in line with the information consumption and are suitable to propagate the story. This way you create a closing story that is worth telling and sharing.

3. Address two target groups with one campaign

Finally, a final word to Barbara Wiegant (Senior Project Manager BrandDeli). Together with KPN, BrandDeli has started a project for the 1e mobile phone to discuss in family life. A societal theme that naturally comes up with every family.

To do that, they have developed an app and a corresponding TV format on Nickelodeon. Now that is not realistic in view of the budget for most companies. Fortunately, that is not so much the tenor of the story. The strong thing about this campaign is that they have taken a shared theme and have split up the content for both target groups. An app for the child, a TV format for both and advertising (sponsored content) aimed at parents.

The learning

  • It sounds logical, but knowledge of the target group and the brand is essential to carry a good content campaign. Get into the experience of the target group. Nickelodeon knows better than anyone how to speak to children. They use the concept Heart, Fart, Smart. Content really has to touch them, it has to entertain and they also have to learn something from it
  • Divide the overarching issue into bite-sized content cracks. For example, what themes are involved in the 1e mobile phone? Privacy, etiquettes, bullying, etc .. Then create appropriate content for each theme
  • Content = King, Brand = Queen. When a brand is put too much forward, content is not authentic. Always make sure that your campaign appeals to the target group, then the brand follows automatically.

Ample new (branded content) opportunities

Of course we came across many more interesting developments, cases and ideas. Curious? Feel free to contact us, we love a good chat with a cup of coffee. And are you already looking for the latest online developments? Take a look at our online marketing blog.


How do you really tell a good story? Why are we satisfied with mainstream nowadays? And more importantly: how do you become “exceptional”? We went looking for answers during Branded Content Event 2018. And they found! Read in this blog the 5 highlights that you do not want to miss.

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