The 7 advertising trends of 2019 for the customer journey


2019 promises to be another eventful year in the field of online advertising. During our PMU knowledge event in early December, these developments and other developments were central. In this blog we will once again outline;

the most important trends in online advertising in 2019.


Advertising trend 1: Story marketing

The consumption of videos is constantly increasing. People want to see more videos from online marketers. In short, 2019 is the year to bring your brand to the attention of the target audience by means of video. Become top of mind with your potential buyers by creating impact. You do this mainly with emotion. Think of that supermarket that gets us all in tears by letting separate parents celebrate Christmas together again. Or the insurer who warns us of apps while driving by confronting users of their phones during traffic with the consequences.
Video can also be used by showing atmospheric images that tell a story together and make you long for the product or the destination. Below you can see an example like Turismo Canarias does on Facebook. By using text or subtitling in the video, you ensure that everyone gets the best out of your message, even without switching on the sound.

Igor Beuker, keynote at PMU 2017, also underlined the importance of story marketing: the technology bosses (math-men) and their companies are the future. Go digital, or go home, because in the future there is no longer traditional TV, but niche video apps are the standard.

Advertising trend 2: Personalization and segmentation

User data will be even more important in the coming year, which means we will be able to personalize advertisements in 2019. We have been on that course for some time, but the use of target data in advertisements is now being fully applied, from online searches to television. To achieve personalization and segmentation, data is split up and silos of segmentations arise. This makes advertisements more personal because the message comes to the right person at the right time, in the right place and finally at the right person. Even hyper personalization is possible. For example, Knab sends customers a personalized video by e-mail in which the customer (with name) plays the leading role. Below is a fragment from the general video.

Advertising trend 3: real-time (predictive) remarketing

The collected user data is increasingly used for remarketing purposes. By analyzing the data of customers and website visitors, better insights are created to show the right message to the right person. Using the possibilities of programmatic advertising happens more and more, so that advertisements are shown real-time to the right person and not unimportantly: fully automatic. In addition, marketers are getting more and more opportunities to apply predictive remarketing by similar target groups. In addition, Google will soon roll out the opportunity to use in-market target groups so that you can reach people who are about to make a purchase.

Advertising trend 4: privacy & the GDPR

We therefore receive more and more data from our users. Just a little bit longer and you know them better than they are themselves. Unfortunately, there are restrictions on the use of this data. And that will only become stricter in 2019. Since 25 May 2018, the new data protection law GDPR / AVG has ensured that companies have to meet stricter requirements when collecting and storing cookies. Do not you obey the rules? Then you risk (tower) high fines. So be careful that the privacy of users is not compromised.

Advertising trend 5: Mobile & local marketing

The growth of mobile has been going on for some time and it is expected that this trend will continue for a while. Some important statistics about mobile that you simply can not ignore:

  • Almost 80% of consumers use their mobile phone for searches
  • 10% of all purchases nowadays are placed on a mobile phone
  • During Sinterklaas bought 18% through his or her mobile phone

The advice is therefore to set up ad campaigns on mobile, for example by using the IF function of AdWords. This allows you to display other advertisements when someone surfs on a mobile phone. Due to the increase in mobile usage, it is becoming increasingly important to advertise locally. Especially for companies with physical stores there are more and more possibilities on search, display and social channels.
For example, local ads send traffic to the physical store when a user is close to a branch. Another nice development is the increasing willingness to make purchases on social media, especially via mobile phones. More and more people immediately make a purchase on Facebook or Instagram and the channel indirectly also contributes more and more to purchases.

Advertising trend 6: voice search

This trend goes hand in hand, of course, with the increase in the use of voice search, especially for local and exploratory searches. Voice search is currently almost 25% of total mobile traffic. It is expected that in 2020 50% of all users will use voice search. Time to respond to this, for example, with campaigns that take care of the exploratory and local search traffic. There are also plenty of opportunities for SEO.

Advertising trend 7: Chatbots

Finally, we still have the rise of chatbots. These super-fast virtual assistants are going to make our lives so much easier and are very cost-effective and multi-usable for companies. The possibilities are therefore great. Think of the learnings of chat bot interviews that can be applied everywhere, such as offering a cup of coffee in case of delay of a flight or optimizing product information pages on your website.
There are many opportunities for SEO in particular, but for SEA too, you naturally want to come into the picture with your advertisements as focused as possible. A trend to certainly keep an eye on and prepare yourself for it.

New Year New chances

So it promises to be a dynamic year again with plenty of new developments and opportunities for online advertising. My advice: always keep the visitor in mind with every strategy, campaign or advertisement. If you do not do this, then you will miss out on the shelf more than ever before. So, sin! So make sure you are well prepared and make 2019 years of the most successful year ever.
Want to know more about the most important SEA trends and developments? Feel free to contact us and also check out our online marketing blog for more tips.

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