SEO update: strong drop featured snippets


At our weekly check of the rankings and featured snippets of one of our customers we saw that of the 13 featured snippets only 2 were left. A quick survey among colleagues confirmed this picture. The number of featured snippets has also dropped significantly among other customers. Google seems to have removed about 14% of all featured snippets on February 3rd. Of all searches, just over 14% had a featured snippet, which dropped to just over 12% in 1 day. Therefore a brief update on this development.



Strange development

A week ago, Google itself published an article about the featured snippets. Now they delete a large part of the featured snippets. Whether there is a link between Google’s blog post and the recent decline is difficult to say. But it is suspicious!

Good news or bad news?

Unfortunately, it is difficult to say whether this is good or bad news for SEO. Google has never made the CTR of the featured snippets transparent. And a featured snippet from a competitor naturally pushes down your organic results. It may be that this is a test from Google to see what is the result of these adjustments. Because Google Search Console always runs a few days behind us, we only have a few days of data to make a comparison. Unfortunately, that is too little to draw a conclusion whether this is a positive or negative SEO development. But we keep an eye on it.

Influence on the rankings?

This development does not seem to affect the rankings. The terms we monitor do not show any fluctuations on ranking. The position on the page of the organic results naturally shifts a bit up when the featured snippet falls away. One person’s death is the other one’s bread we shall say. Do you want to stay informed of the further development? Check our online marketing blog regularly or contact an SEO specialist. We will gladly tell you all about it.

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